what makes us different?

Why Generosity


what makes us different?

More than selling water, we believe that people matter and everything we do is an expression of that fundamental value.

Optimal Hydration

Research shows that alkalized mineral water can increase hydration levels by 17%-maximizing your performance, fitness, and daily health.

Neutralize Your Body

Your body works best at a pH of 6, but in a world of high stress and caramel lattés, it’s easy to get off balance. Drinking alkalized water helps neutralize acids and restore health.

Fortify Your Frame

Packed with essential minerals like calcium and bicarbonate, research shows that alkalized water can improve bone density and help prevent osteoporosis.

pH Scale

(measures how acidic or basic a substance is)

Generosity Water

has the perfect pH balace of 10.0

The Global Water Crisis

There are currently 663 million people in the world that do not have access to clean drinking water, and each year this crisis kills more people than war, AIDS, and famine combined.

Breaking the Cycle

Water is essential to every part of life—health, economic growth, access to education, and equality for women and children. That’s why providing access to it is the first step to creating lasting change around the world.

Learn more about the water crisis from our partner, generosity.org.za

The Movement of Generosity

In 2009, our founder started the humanitarian organization generosity.org in an effort to help end the water crisis one community at a time. Generosity Water was launched in 2015 to continue that same vision of helping people with life’s most basic need. We are committed to seeing this crisis end in our lifetime and we invite you to join us in making this possible.

One Bottle provides two people with clean water for a month

One case provides two people with clean water for a year